Survival Guide

The Survival Guide is the in-game guide featuring useful hints and mini-guides for various aspects of the game, such as exploration puzzles and monster logs.

Puzzle Description

Bow with folded hands

The "Bow" action is used by tapping the "Bow" icon in the interaction action bar. The interaction action bar can be opened by tapping the "Action" button in the chat interface. The "Bow" action can be obtained by completing the Side Mission Low Inventory.

Snow-Covered Stone Shrine

Marshville's weather is icy cold, with frequent snowstorms and strong winds. People have set up various stone shrines throughout Marshville to provide direction for those caught in the blizzards. If you come across a stone shrine outdoors, bow to it, and perhaps something good will happen.

Secret Grotto Statue

Marshville is filled with various stone statues, each adorned with different constellation markings. It is said that these statues were built to commemorate the fallen Domain Guards. People believe that the deceased soldiers turn into lucky stars, possessing divine power to protect Marshville. Rumor has it that there is a mysterious connection between these statues, and if one can find the pattern and solve the puzzle, one can obtain hidden treasures.

Alabaster Lens

The Alabaster Lens can be unlocked by upgrading the nearby statue using field energy, which allows for speedy travel to designated locations.

Field Energy Collector

According to the latest research results in Domain 9, the Field Energy Collector developed can continuously collect field energy from the surrounding lifeblood for a certain period after being turned on.

Field Energy Collector

Field energy collection devices that are distributed all over Marshville. It automatically absorbs field energy from the environment. Hit the collection device to extract the stored field energy.

Snow-Treading Flower Picking

The fauna of Domain 9 occasionally stop and find rare plants on the tundra. After driving them away, follow the glow of the snow and search around. Perhaps you will find some flowers hidden in the snow nearby.

Gathering Mission

There are residents in need scattered throughout the world. Accept and complete missions to receive amazing rewards! Residents refresh every Monday, so remember to submit your missions on time!

The Blade of Azure

The Blade of Azure can be unlocked by upgrading the nearby statue using field energy, which allows for speedy travel to designated locations.

Arcanum Passage

Joltville has set up portals all over to facilitate the transport of materials. But it seems that they are still working out the kinks with the system. Using one before it's fully optimized requires some brainstorming. You must unlock the Arcanum before you can use the transmission function.


Aquaville is a land with an abundance of water resources, but it's been difficult to utilize it. The Aquaville Mansion found underground water currents and built waterwheels to bring water into homes for public use. It is said that if you encounter a waterwheel, you can receive unexpected gifts if you bow to it.

Draconic Bestowment

A dragon statue that can be found all over Joltville. When standing on the stone platform and bowing to it, it is said that not only can it save one from misfortune, but it can also bestow additional gifts.

A hungry panda.

A panda that seems to be begging for food. How can anyone resist those dewy, captivating black eyes...

Gigantic Mushroom

Fungi imbued with an unknown power that promotes growth. When attacked, they release fast-growing spores, some of which are rumored to possess the same magical growth properties.

Skyburn Pillar

Within a certain range, the Skyburn Pillar provides heat to Wanderers, fending off cold and dissipating the fog. You can upgrade the statue to enhance the pillar's heating strength. Additionally, you can approach an Astral Monument, an Observatory, or a bonfire to slowly alleviate cold status.

Cloud Drum

You will hear a lively melody from the Cloud Drum when you beat it, but there may also be other surprises. Try giving it a few more hits...

Field Energy (Vermilion)

A special energy crystal that is scattered all over Ignisville. It can charge Vermilion Statues and other timestamp tech-based products. With some of the field energy collected, it gathers every week.

Thawing Talisman

A device left by an alien civilization that can charge talisman stones using Aquaville Bright Crystals. It was sealed due to an energy supply shortage, but now it can finally be reactivated. Beware though, as some frozen creatures might be released as you break the seals.

Field Energy (Concealment)

A sealed field energy crystal. The seal can be removed by unlocking the corresponding Astral Monument in the area.

Energy Flow Storage

Field energy is supplied by energy flow modulators scattered throughout Aquaville. When you approach one of these devices, the energy gates on the device will automatically open. You can then obtain domain energy by adjusting the energy values on any two energy gates to be the same.

Geomantic Compass

The Geomantic Compass will point out the approximate location of the field energy. Follow its instruction to acquire the hidden field energy.

Vermilion Wing

Vermilion Wing can be unlocked by upgrading the statue using field energy, which allows for speedy travel to designated locations.


Observatories spread throughout Domain 9 established by Zhen Gong. By activating the corresponding constellation shown by Vermilion Statues in an Observatory, information can be obtained about the surrounding area on the map.

Hidden Maple Path

When the bell rings, fallen maple leaves will show you the hidden path.

Pathway Reconstructor

Adjust the track to the right position to earn a reward.

Sequential Mystery

Activate slabs in the correct order to earn a reward.

Field Energy Hunt

After activating the device, hit the dissipated energy bodies to earn rewards.

Quantum Leap

After activating the device, reach the designated location within a limited time to earn a reward.

Blessing of the Spirit Cat

According to legend, spirit cats are the protectors of Domain 9. Should you encounter them, it wouldn't hurt to stand on the stone platform and bow. Who knows, maybe something good could result from it.

Flowing Spring

Activate the Astral Monument to unlock the Flowing Spring's charging feature. Once fully charged, the Flowing Spring will grant rewards for specific element attacks. After claiming Flowing Spring rewards, it takes a week for the device to recharge.

Field Energy Exploration

The latest research results from Domain 9 show that field energy can be quickly aggregated by using field energy shards as the core. After the probing device is turned on, its detection wave can detect energy shards within a certain range. Within the activation time, the energy shard tractor will attract energy shards that touch it. Each energy shard will generate 1 domain energy.


Activate the device and fire it toward the designated spot to earn a reward.

Astral Monument

Activate the Astral Monument to increase the area's exploration, and increase the abilities and energy the timestamp draws from statues.

Vermilion Statue

Activate a statue to increase the area's exploration. Statues can be used for instant travel and upgraded using field energy to unlock stronger buffs.

Astral Chest

A supply box that follows the stars. Can be opened after upgrading Vermilion Statue.

Burning Feather Chest

A supply box wreathed in fiery feathers. Can be opened after upgrading Vermilion Statues.

Vermilion Chest

Temporary provisions prepared by Ignisville Mansion for the Domain Guards. Grants abundant resources upon opening.

Binding Web

A spiderweb that immobilizes anything that touches it. Maybe there's a way to neutralize it.

Trapped Patrol Guard

A trapped patrol guard. Help out specific guards and you might be surprised by what you find.

Activate the Surveillance Guard

A surveillance guard that was turned off by accident and must be recalibrated and reactivated. It seems to be carrying out a special mission, recording special information.

Ruin Stones

A stone from ruins in the Grand Sea, the symbol on the stone looks like it might fit together from some angles.

School of fish

Schools of fish love to chase after "secret treasures" they find in the sea, whether it be food or something shiny. However, they'll scatter if you approach too closely. To disperse schools of fish, you can rush toward them from a distance, or use the Mini Pelican to get close and drive them away to get the prize.

Fish Baiter

Activate the device under the sphere to start the Fish Baiter. Once started, fish food will be released to attract the fish. Every once in a while, the sphere will catch the attracted creatures using water pressure. You can come to the device to collect the captured creatures once the process is complete.

Cavity Coral

When it prepares to eat its "prey," its symbiotic orange bioluminescent coral will keep watch. If the coral is removed, then it has to open its cavity and trade the "prey" for its survival.


Earn rewards by befriending creatures or guiding spikers to poke plankton.

Surveillance Guard: Oceanic Model

By interrupting the surveillance guard before it shuts down, its cores stored inside can be obtained.

Symbiotic Sea Sponge

A sea sponge with a small fish hiding inside. Tap it and catch the escaping fish for a reward.

Lost Patrol Guard

Invisible patrol guards moving from place to place, you can earn rewards if you find them.

Combat Simulation Device: Oceanic Model

A special information collection device. Once activated, it attracts creatures while recording combat data and environmental data. Defeat all creatures and complete the collection during its active duration to obtain a reward.

Terminal Management Extension

The Authorizer's Terminal Management Extension. Enables convenient charging of the terminal for the Authorizer. With certain permissions, they can use it to directly modify personas and permissions.


While in a deepsea area, stop at a current to ride it and move quickly. Use any button to exit the current and take control.


While in a deepsea area, use the Dive button to dive into the water.


Volt Attack: When attacking, targets have a chance of triggering an electric field.

Ice Shell

Frost Attack: When attacking, targets have a chance of being frozen.


Flame Attack: Enemies are vaporized upon being hit, dealing increased damage.


Physical Attack: Chance of dealing double damage when attacking.

Titan Konjac

A konjac root that exudes poisonous gas in all directions. It's said that using a certain item can render it dormant. Revelation Seeds tend to grow in areas where its gases are prevalent.

Purification System

A multi-ringed machine housing a revelation seed that stops rotating when attacked. Once every ring is stopped in the correct position, its purification system activates, causing it to spray an atomized mist of diluted Revelation Tree sap in every direction.

Mechanical Detector

A currently-inactive scanning device which can be used to locate coins from Mira and Vera, as well as other hidden treasures in the world.


Found in the swamp, it's a special, egg-like structure which can be activated by using revelation seeds and different kinds of elemental ores. With the right combination of catalysts, powerful creatures can be hatched from these structures.

Pressure Trigger

A special mechanism. Stepping on the baseplate correctly can activate the core and get rewards. The ones in different colors have different trigger conditions, and a little electric power could make the activation process easier.

Marzoid Ore Gathering

Activate a power supply to crack open a Marzoid Ore's carapace, then use a weapon with the corresponding element to strike its internal structure and obtain rewards.

Hidden Path

Strike the device to activate the hidden path and collect its rewards before it's hidden again. Strike the device while the path is revealed to reset its timer.

Combat Simulation Device

A special information collection device. Once activated, it attracts creatures while recording combat data and environmental data. Defeat all creatures and complete the collection during its active duration to obtain a reward.

Energy Body Recovery

A strange energy body collection device. Once activated, unstable energy bodies will scatter. Collide with and retrieve the energy bodies within its duration to obtain a reward generated by the device.

Dark matter cluster

The collection of unknown matter in the Twilight Zone, known as the "Dark Matter Cluster," will cause continuous damage if someone touches it.

Invisible jar

Invisible crystal storage tank, Mi-a can reveal it from invisibility with Purple Energy Lighting and then open it

Fake the jar

Disguised crystal storage tank. Mi-a can reveal it with Purple Energy Lighting and then open it.

Crystal jar

Aged crystal jars that store the rich supplies once mined by the developers of the Twilight Zone.

Emergency power supply

Located near all kinds of treasure boxes, the charging effect of the device has been interfered with by enemy units within the threat range. Mi-a will need to dispel the enemies nearby with Yellow Energy Lighting before charging it.

Invisible power supply

Located near all kinds of treasure boxes, Mi-a can reveal it from invisibility with Purple Energy Lighting and then charge it.

Fake power supply

Located near all kinds of treasure boxes, Mi-a can reveal it with Purple Energy Lighting and then charge it.

Power supply

Located near all kinds of treasure boxes, Mi-a can charge it with Green Energy Lighting.

Light Airdrop

A drone outfitted with a lightweight airdrop pack filled with essential supplies. Decipher the password to access its contents.

Light Airdrop

A drone outfitted with a lightweight airdrop pack filled with essential supplies.

Onyx Ferry

Onyx Ferry can be unlocked by upgrading the statue using field energy, which allows for speedy travel to designated locations.

Guarded secret box

In the chaos of the Twilight Zone, there are many guarded treasure boxes that are protected by elite enemies nearby. Defeat the enemies to open the boxes.

Large secret box

In the chaos of the Twilight Zone, there are many giant treasure boxes. Access the boxes when all the nearby Energy Supply Devices have been charged.

Secured secret box

In the chaos of the Twilight Zone, there are many threat treasure boxes. The boxes will automatically open when all the nearby enemies have been dispelled beyond the threat range.

Invisible secret box

In the chaos of the Twilight Zone, there are many invisible treasure boxes. Reveal and access the boxes with Mi-a's Purple Energy Lighting.

Disguised secret box

In the chaos of the Twilight Zone, there are many disguised treasure boxes. Reveal and access the boxes with Mi-a's Purple Energy Lighting.

Secret recharge box

In the chaos of the Twilight Zone, there are many charging treasure boxes. Reveal and access the boxes with Mi-a's Green Energy Lighting.

Purple crystal

These glittering and translucent crystals are rare in the Twilight Zone. They can provide Mi-a with Purple Lighting Energy and enhance the Wanderer's movement abilities. They can also be used to reveal the enemies and objects from invisibility.

Green crystal

The scarce crystals stored in the Twilight Zone can provide Mi-a with Green Lighting Energy and continuously restore the Wanderer's HP. They can also be used to charge Energy Supply Devices in the Twilight Zone.

Yellow crystal

Rare crystals in the Twilight Zone. They can provide Mi-a with Yellow Lighting Energy and dispel some enemies in the Twilight Zone.

Red crystal

Rare crystals in the Twilight Zone. They can provide Mi-a with Red Lighting Energy and enhance the Wanderer's attack abilities.

White crystal

These glittering and translucent crystals are abundant in the Twilight Zone. They can provide Mi-a with White Lighting Energy.

Rhythm Score

It's time to test your sense of rhythm. Strike the approaching notes to score points. It's a fad in Mirroria right now to lose yourself in the music and sweat.

Elemental Magic Box

Attack with elements corresponding to the color of magic boxes. Test your luck and reflexes, and see how many boxes you can blast today.

Ball Toss

Hoist the ball on the platform and toss it into the highlighted circle for points. Wonder how far it would go if there was no resistance...

Signal FM

For unknown reasons, the Authorizer's Terminal may experience unstable signals within the network's world. To ensure terminal usage, all Authorizers must find nearby Signal FM devices and adjust to the correct frequency according to the device's sound and signal light guidance. Sometimes, due to complex environmental influences, the Signal FM device may malfunction again, and Authorizers will need to re-tune the frequency.

Time Returner

Article 3 of the Warehouse Safety Management Regulations stipulates: Please return the items to their original place after use. If you forget the original location of the items, you can return them according to the instructions shown on the recording device.

Skip Stone

The rivers and lakes of Aesperia intertwine, and you can often find small stones along the water's edge. Time it right and skip a stone across the water. After a beautiful skip, you can receive a surprise gift.

Aesperia Stone Sculpture

To beautify the cityscape, Aesperia has arranged some stones throughout the neighborhood. If Authorizers happen to encounter unsculpted stones on the street, they can create stone sculptures to their preference, contributing to the creation of a fresh and beautiful neighborhood environment in Aesperia.

Power Maintenance

For unknown reasons, some power devices in the network's world may suddenly lose power. If an Authorizer encounters a power-off device, please find the corresponding cable to reconnect and restore power.

Trace Detection

After modifications, WL-6 has the ability to move about invisibly and is usually difficult to detect. Due to an accident at the testing site, a batch of stealthy WL-6 escaped. To recover these escaped droids sooner, our experimental departments installed a set of variable-frequency radars for detection. Authorizers may activate the radar to scan the movement trajectory of WL-6 with electromagnetic waves and precisely eliminate the stealthy WL-6s.

The Authorizer's Terminal

Computing Power: The operation of various functions on the terminal requires computing power, which can be obtained through the Terminal Management Extension. Signal: Some applications can only be used when there is a signal on the terminal. In the Network World, areas with lost signals can be reconnected by repairing the signal towers.

The Authorizer's Terminal

Due to the unexpected emergence of the network's world, Hykros urgently developed a new type of Authorizer's Terminal to facilitate the Authorizer's operations within the network. The terminal integrates all kinds of practical and convenient functions needed for exploring the network. It is an essential tool for the Authorizer to carry out missions within the network's world.

Link Assembly

In the surface layer, there are some tower-like devices that occasionally experience strange garbled malfunctions. After investigations, Hykros discovered that these tower-like devices are actually malfunctioning Port Towers—physical manifestations of faults in the Gesthos network's server ports. To maintain the operation of the network, Hykros requests Authorizers, upon encountering malfunctioning Port Towers, to find the lost data packets and repair the Port Towers.

Battle Projector

A projector developed for the combat training of the Joint Defense Force. It can create extremely realistic enemies using projections. To encourage everyone to participate more in training, corresponding rewards can be obtained after completing the combat training. One reward can be claimed per projector.

Wings Tour

The wings will give you a tour around Mirroria, shoot energy crystals with weapons on the wings along the way. Score reward points by hitting the crystals.

Box Haul

Score points by moving boxes to designated locations. It's a common part-time job in Mirroria. To certain people, the meager pay constitutes their entire income.

Laser Corridor

Avoiding infrared sensors is allegedly a mandatory part of Security Special Forces training. Let's see how many waves of them you can duck.

Cave Mushroom

A mushroom plant that can only be found in the caves of Vera, but it appears to have stopped growing... Find a special strange object nearby to make it grow again.

Cactus Fruit

A very common plant in Vera, but what's strange is that it seems to contain a special fruit in its unopened cactus. Break the fruit to reap the core.

Surveillance Guard

By interrupting the surveillance guard before it shuts down, its cores stored inside can be obtained.

Exchanging Sandy Nests

The mischievous sand grass rats keep swapping their nests. Find the special one among them to receive their recognition, as well as some reward.

Sandy Rats Homecoming

The sand grass rats that love to get lost often put down special plants along the road to mark their way back home, yet they still somehow manage to lose their sense of direction. Bring them back to their nest to receive their gratitude.


A loophole that occurs when space is not completely stable, going through the spacerift will result in transmission to a distant place.

Fire Ore

This marvel of nature has fire properties. Use flame weapons to deal damage to it.

Frost Ore

This marvel of nature has ice properties. Use frost weapons to deal damage to it.

Volt Ore

This marvel of nature has electrical properties. Use lightning weapons to deal damage to it.

Electromagnetic Force Field

Based on the defensive technology learned from Hykros, Domain 9 witnesses the construction of an energy force field that can damage enemies in contact. In the test, the device is activated through a pressure-based mechanism.

Profound Lattice

On the stone platform under the obelisk, there is a stone tablet left by some unknown person. It has eight grooves, and finding the eight trigrams inside may unlock the secret within.


A crucial device in the network's world for storing Norn. It is connected to and shares data with all Extractors in the network. After obtaining important permissions, you can spend Data Sources to use efficient deciphering to obtain Norn. This can be done up to 6 times per week.

Data Source

Data fragments from the Gesthos network. After being reorganized, assembled, and processed, they can assist the Authorizer in various operations within the network.

Thunderbolt Ballista

Domain 9's defense crossbow cannon, designed to counter the Darkness invasion, has undergone special modifications for rapid-fire capabilities. This powerful weapon requires a significant amount of energy, relying on field energy for reloading. To facilitate this, the Domain Guards have specifically prepared field energy spheres for efficient ammunition replenishment.

Colorful Mushroom

Colored mushrooms with flickering light spots. You can change their colors in some way.

Chaos Cube

Strike the Chaos Cube to activate it. Strike a fully activated Cube Core to obtain rewards.

Sequence Watcher

Activate the viewpoint camera to obtain control over the floating Sequence Watcher. Use the Sequence Watcher to locate the hidden rewards.

Energy Repeater

Activate the Energy Repeater to remove the energy barrier around the matrix chest and obtain the rewards within.

Ruin Stones

The ruin stones in Vera have marks remaining on them, and they appear to fit together when viewed at a certain angle.

Elemental Supply Pod

Supply pods wrapped in elemental membranes require specific elemental attacks to unlock.

The Friendly Little Critter

The very friendly small animal looks like it is not afraid of strangers at all... Perhaps interacting with it can obtain something decent in return?

The Hungry Little Critter

The small animal seems to want some food... Perhaps feeding it with the corresponding food can obtain something decent in return?


Ruins left over from the Cataclysm, containing abundant Relic materials as well as unknown danger.

Aerial Bombs

The high-explosive bombs carried by the drone may look shabby, but they pack tremendous power. Try attacking the drones; upon destruction, the bombs will drop automatically... Boom!

Energy Fusion Stone

A fusion stone that emits a peculiar light, with different hues harboring different types of energy. Try picking it up and hurling it at enemies for some decent effects.

Element Bombardment

Elemental grenades made by precision casting. They come in different colors, each corresponding to a different effect. Handle them with care. Toss them at enemies and they can alleviate a considerable burden during battles.

Energy Screen

A special defensive measure, requiring the right password to open. The surrounding encryptodroids seem to have the information on how to open it.

Abandoned Truck

A freight truck for Banges abandoned after a Ravager assault, but the sturdy gate protected the cargo. Decode the password using the encryptodroid next to the vehicle.

Concentration Ray

The concentration ray can gather and convert nearby fissure energy into nucleus. Find this device and deliver the energy to activate the shattered rift.

Lava Pit

A common natural phenomenon. Most of the self-replenished lava comes from deep underground and originated from decaying molten magma and radioactive substances.

Tar Pit

Cave full of solid flammable petroleum blocks. Who knows what else is inside.


Plant in a variety of colors. Find buds with matching colors and put them in the center to get black nucleus.


Resilient mushroom cluster that lights up when stomped. Rumor has it that good things happen when you light them up in certain order.

Spliced metal box

Metal box with special surface pattern. Splice with a corresponding box to get hidden treasure.

Black Nucleus Drone

A drone carrying black nucleus. Knock it down and get the black nucleus it's hauling.

Force Induction Plate

Stone force induction plate activated by intense downward impact. Activate it and see what happens.

Singularity Rock

Odd rocks that can be unearthed and levitated by certain Relics. Often buried with other mysteries.

Omnium pillar induction plate

Stone Omnium pillar induction plate. Activate it and see what happens.


Thornvines that wrap around treasure. Can be set on fire.


Strange plants that love to consume water cores and supposedly regurgitate something in return.


A common herb rooted in underground petroleum veins. It is said that good stuff hides beneath the oil stored in the plant.


Dandelion with black nucleus inside. Strike the seed to get the black nucleus.

Training Facilities

Mysterious installations scattered throughout the world. Supposedly, they are training devices from before the Cataclysm. Must be activated at a specific time.


Aida is a planet full of unsolved mysteries—some are artificial, and some are naturally formed. Solve them to obtain black nucleus.

Black Nucleus

Black nucleus is a rare material that can be traded with the Mysterious Vendor, Agnes, in the shelter for items.

Supply Pod

Supply pods sent by Hykros to every shelter that are often robbed by Ravagers. Unlock supply pods to obtain resources and increase exploration progress for the area.