Do you long for spontaneous trips? If you can name the location, the Voyager will be your best companion, carrying you over any terrain like it's perfectly flat.


Item Description
Voyager Engine 1

"Voyager exclusive!" the user manual warns in a bright font. But it's almost never seen with the component. The workers on the drilling rig probably missed something.

Voyager Thruster 1

Compact and versatile with all the essential parts... Actually, every part is essential. The Four Powers in the Navia region could carry it. Low-probability drop from Four Powers - Okka, Four Powers - Hethlu, Four Powers - Smoli, and Four Powers - Sendyrs. Low-probability drop from Blast Rock: Fafnir in Vera: Rock Pillar Gobi, and from Boom Rock: Tungchro in Vera: Quicksand Belt.

Voyager Control Station 1

Control room for the Voyager. It compels you to shout "Onward!" for some reason. The Heirs of Aida hid stuff in their stronghold on the dock.

Voyager Hull 1

The first thing you'll want to do is give it a new paint job... Hykros researchers would leave practical tools in the Ecological Stations in Navia.