It is said that the original design took hints from the flying brooms in various fantasy novels, but R&D unanimously agreed that the design wasn't suitable for long-term ride and eventually settled on a standing vehicle.


Item Description
Magnetic Rod 1

This is not for hanging clothes out to dry! An abandoned tower in the Rusty Belt. Is someone trying to put something on it?

Maglev Stalker 1

It's not a vacuum robot! The Vermin Brothers' cherished possession and possibly a future table riser. Low-probability drop from the Vermin Brothers. Low-probability drop from Venomfang: Echidna in Vera: Sandstorm Grounds, and from Venomfang: Medusa, Venomfang: Stheno, and Venomfang: Euryale in Vera: Quicksand Belt.