A vehicle designed and named based on the composite knowledge of several ancient alien beasts. The short self-defense blade on the head was initially a heavily promoted selling point, but was actually rarely used. Most people bought it for the appearance that combined natural wildness and technology.


Item Description
Unicorn Power Core 1

This vehicle engine is patent-pending, so no reverse engineering. You might find something around the marvelous ore.

Unicorn Bionic Frame 1

Hykros scholars once had a big fight over the material choice for bionics. The two sides submitted their own papers... So did the side with more papers win? The dawn of new grounds for the Aida Bastion has come.

Unicorn Cyberlimbs 1

"Cyberlimbs are cool!"... Wonder how many people that slogan will draw to buy the Monocross. It's probably exhausting hauling boxes up the tower in Saag Passage.

Unicorn Head 1

The head is armed with a defensive dagger, which is often treated as an accessory, hence the "Unicorn" moniker. I wonder how the creator feels about that. Devotees of the Hyenas in the Crown region might carry it. Low-probability drop from Devotee Noah and Devotee Eber. Low-probability drop from Gilded: Abela in Vera: Sandstorm Grounds, and from Sacred Gold: Carrandi in Vera: Rock Pillar Gobi.