Overdrive Shot

SSR rarity

When used, mark the current weapon and grant it 3 doses that last for 200 seconds. Also gain the Micro Attack effect: Increase damage dealt by 4% for 200 seconds. Using a marked weapon's skill consumes 1 dose each time and grants Overdrive: Increase damage dealt by 15% for 20 seconds. Overdrive is removed when switching to other weapons. Overdrive Shot has a 240-second cooldown. When removing Overdrive Shot or switching Relics, the remaining doses, the Micro Attack, and Overdrive effects will all be removed. When a weapon is marked a second time, the doses from the first mark are removed.


Stars Effect
1 ★

Grant 5 doses each time.

2 ★

Restore HP to full when marking a weapon with Overdrive Shot. Restore HP equal to 20% of Max HP instead in Apex League.

3 ★

Reduce cooldown to 150 seconds.

4 ★

Increase physical damage by 2%, even if not deployed. Unavailable in Apex League.

5 ★

While Micro Attack is active, increase damage dealt against grievous targets by 4%.