Triple Mask

SSR rarity

Use to put on Triple Mask's Mask of the Void. While exploring the Overworld, you will not be attacked by enemies other than bosses. When discovered by certain enemies, detection will be triggered. While wearing Mask of the Void, enemies under the influence of the mask will not alert other enemies when attacked. Use Triple Mask again to remove the current mask and enter cooldown. Cooldown: 20 seconds.


Stars Effect
1 ★

Unlocks Mask of the Hunter. Select when using Triple Mask and confirm again to wear. While Mask of the Hunter is worn, you can view the locations of elite achievement enemies in Domain 9 on the map.

2 ★

While Triple Mask is deployed, speed is increased by 8% and elemental damage is increased by 6%.

3 ★

Unlocks Mask of the Knowledge. While Mask of the Knowledge is worn, when there is an unopened chest nearby, you will be prompted and guided to the location of the chest.

4 ★

Increase frost damage by 2%, even if not deployed. Unavailable in Apex League.

5 ★

While Triple Mask is deployed, elemental damage is additionally increased by 6%.