Pen Pen

SSR rarity

Misato's pet, usually housed in a custom freezer in Misato Katsuragi's apartment. It enjoys hot baths and can cleverly press buttons with its wingtips. Besides adopting human habits of sleeping and bathing, it even enjoys reading newspapers. However, it somehow got into the fridge when Shinji and others moved into the Star Apartments in Mirroria.


Stars Effect Requirements
0 ★

Inherits 4% of the average value of the master's flame, frost, volt, and physical base attack values. 1 module slot and 5 load.

1 ★

ATK inheritance increases to 6%. Each round of released smokescreen's damage increases to 526%. 2 module slots and 8 load.

  • Pen Pen Smart Servant Shard 60
2 ★

ATK inheritance increases to 8%. Each round of beer can's damage increases to 618%. 3 module slots and 11 load.

  • Pen Pen Smart Servant Shard 60
3 ★

ATK inheritance increases to 10%. Inspiration of Pen Pen's healing increases to 330%. 4 module slots and 15 load.

  • Pen Pen Smart Servant Shard 60


  • Smoke Impact

    Pen Pen boosts its thruster, charges toward an enemy, and releases a smokescreen upon arrival, dealing damage equal to 351% / 526% / 526% of ATK to enemies caught in the smokescreen every second and slowing them.

  • Beer Can Barrage

    Pen Pen throws a barrage of beer cans ahead, each dealing damage equal to 412% / 412% / 618% of ATK to enemies nearby upon explosion.

  • Inspiration of Pen Pen

    Pen Pen flaps its wings gently to inspire the Wanderer it follows, restoring HP equal to 220% / 220% / 220% of ATK for the inspired Wanderer.


  • Pet Control Module +60