• November 3 2023

    Added global Mimi, Fei Se. Added Ling Han, Nan Yin, Yan Miao. Updated old sumilacrum description.

  • October 1 2023

    Added global Huang; Updated volt banners;

  • August 25 2023

    Added global Ming Jing; Added CN Fei Se; Updated cosmetics, mounts;

  • July 24 2023

    Added global Yu lan;

  • July 8 2023

    Added global Garnett, Rubilia; Added CN Ming Jing, Mimi; Fixed some minor issues and typos;

  • May 21 2023

    Corrected Gnonno global and Yulan CN values;

  • May 17 2023

    Added CN Yulan; Added Gnonno global; Updated banners; Added Cobalt-B, Claudia, Frigg and Nemesis to standard; Added new Meta section to simulacrum pages

  • May 8 2023

    Added Elemental Benediction weapon effects, a buff for support weapons; Fixed simulacra order; Fixed Cocoritter showing as Coco Ritter (urls updated); Fixed typo in Fiona 6* adv; Fixed Lan skill incorrectly saying it grants hyperbody; Updated CN banners (Lan and Annabella rerun)

  • April 29 2023

    Added global Fiona; fixed Garnett banner end date; Fixed Saki Fuwa 4 piece matrices typo; Optimized images

  • April 20 2023

    Added CN Garnett (awakening gifts need more info); updated banners

  • April 18 2023

    Added and updated cosmetics, mounts, and exploration of Miasmic Swamp and Innars.

  • April 12 2023

    Added global Icarus and updated global banners; Updated some cosmetics; Updated relics and mounts to global

  • April 9 2023

    Fixed Rubilia Weapon upgrade materials, discharge, 6 star, 3 star, Matrix 2piece; Added Global Lan data; Added Team Builder by Eminentglory

  • March 28 2023

    Added global Fenrir, CN Gunonno and CN Rubilia; Updated mounts, relics, and banners; Fixed Coco Ritter skill not showing

  • February 26 2023

    Added Global Umi; Added Global Type II Couant; Added simulacrum skin previews video; Added missing Global weapon upgrade materials; Fixed global Lin's upgrade materials; Umi skill description updated (cooldown is not affected by effects from sources other than Mobius); Updated CN registration guide and guides page;

  • February 10 2023

    Fixed Nemesis Healing Chain text (does NOT cancel when switching weapons); Fixed Fiona's Share skill description (fiona gives the target stats, not the other way around); Fixed blank descriptions for SR matrices: bai ling, echo, ene, pepper; Adjusted awakening gift categories to match the scuffed global localizations;

  • February 8 2023

    Added Fiona; Added active/ongoing event codes to home page;

  • February 3 2023

    Added global Alyss; updated cosmetics to 5th pass in global

  • January 27 2023

    Comsetics video previews added; Weapon skills layout adjusted;

  • January 22 2023

    Updated Annabella to Global data; Readded guides;

  • January 10 2023

    Added Icarus; Updated cosmetics; Fixed personality charts (english if available); Fixed weapon header overflowing off page; Fixed recommended matrices text positioning; Fixed CN Saki rerun date; Fixed Baiyuekui and Marc missing CN tags; Adjusted weapon skills backgrounds to have more contrast;

  • January 9 2023

    CN Saki rerun added; Fixed Lan's advancements and skill descriptions; Fixed Lin's augment mats and added some more data to upgrade mats; Fixed Annabella's matrices incorrectly saying they work in the background; Fixed Lin's 6 star attack boost percentage to global value; Updated some cosmetics data; Navigation will now collapse when a link is clicked; Fixed some text highlighting for weapons and mounts; Lazy loading images

  • January 8 2023

    FULL SITE REVAMP! Added filters for food, simulacra; Updated banners; Added Lan data; Added new matrices; Added new relic; Added thornfruit recipes;

  • November 22 2022

    Fenrir (CN) banner and Tianlang rerun added; Global Lin added; New Mount and Outfit added; Updated Lin's ability names; Updated cosmetics; Fixed CN Nemesis banner not being added to standard count; Fixed global saki 4pc percentages; Added Saki JP VA; Added Frigg last rerun; Updated weapon material costs

  • November 11 2022

    Global Saki Fuwa data updated.

  • November 5 2022

    Added battle pass items to global (Hoverboard, outfit, avatar, avatar frame, chat bubble).

  • November 4 2022

    CN's 26th banner, Umi added along with Lyra rerun; Food dish and ingredient names updated; Updated guides Max Level Timegates and Armor RNG Stat Ranges

  • October 28 2022

    Added 2.0 global, 2.3 CN, and halloween cosmetics; CN Lin banner rerun added; Fixed default gender selection for outfits; Fixed Aidan Knight mount part image; CN tag removed from 2.0 food and exploration; Frigg gift fixed

  • October 20 2022

    Global Ruby added and CN Ruby text updated; Added CN Frigg rerun; Cosmetics: added simulacra avatars and wizard's hat, updated star sand outfit; Updated some 2.0 cosmetics; Jerboa mount CN tag removed

  • October 15 2022

    Added Cosmetics page

  • October 10 2022

    Updated Cobalt-B info; Movement tech guide removed Crow Plunge tech; Global weapon upgrade mats updated up to lv 150

  • October 2 2022

    New Simulacra: Alyss added; Banners updated; Saki Fuwa skill description reworded; Perseverance resonance fixed to Fortitude to match global name;

  • September 26 2022

    Mount: Thunder added; Relic: Chosen Dice added; Updated Global mount acquisition methods; Updated Artificial Island Construction guide with mob respawns and building costs;

  • September 18 2022

    Fixed Lin's weapon skill description (30% damage only while using volt resonance).

  • September 16 2022

    Updated Claudia (Global); Reformated upgrade materials table; Updated recommended matrices for Crow and Samir

  • September 14 2022

    Fixed Lyra's Despair percentages;

  • September 12 2022

    Updated some recipes; Coco's favorite gifts updated; fixed typo's in Claudia's 3 star and Lyra's normal attack

  • September 9 2022

    Weapon upgrade materials are now more detailed; Updated Frigg skill description; Clarified Annabella's 1 star advancement and added weapon abilities and recommended matrices; Tianlang's Volt Resonance corrected to Volt Reaction; Fixed Lin's skill (added volt resonance damage boost); Updated CN standard weapon abilities values (Coco, Crow, Meryl, Samir, Shiro, Tsubasa, Zero); Elites that drop mount parts now have their Chinese titles added; Mechabird no longer CN-only

  • September 8 2022

    New SSR Simulacra Annabella added; New guides: Armor RNG upgrade ranges, Movement tech (videos coming soon); Wind blade matrices removed from Meryl and KING's recommended matrices since they are too rare to actively get; Added base stats for weapons

  • September 2 2022

    Reworded some CN weapon abilities

  • September 1 2022

    Added Dust Wheeler mount preview video; Added Joint Operation drop rates guide

  • August 31 2022

    Frigg banner dates added; Updated all global weapon ability text; Fixed the names for R and N matrices

  • August 30 2022

    Recommended Matrices for weapons updated with context; Meryl's simulacrum trait (4000) DOES in fact freeze surroundings in global; Corrected Frigg's personality chart; Fixed Coco Ritter's upgrade materials; Fixed CN Nemesis 3 star; Fixed Tsubasa's discharge description (no damage buff in global); CN Ruby banner added (no mention of being added to standard);

  • August 24 2022

    Fixed small typo in Nemesis matrix text; Added New Star mount preview video; Added nemesis weapon abilities preview video; New Guides: Planning Ahead, Level cap timegate schedule, World Boss drop rates, Bygone phantasm rewards, Mount piece drop rates;

  • August 20 2022

    PvP guide updated (apex league rewards table added); Story lore guide added; World boss drops guide added; Apex league guide added; R matrix names updated and N matrix added; Item border colors updated;

  • August 17 2022

    Tianlang info added; All relic and characters text has been updated to global values (except for weapon abilities and recommended matrices); Changed standard banner additions so they will only be counted after they are added to standard; Colossus Arms renamed to Colossus Arm; Claudia and Cobalt-B are temporarily reverted to CN-only until they are added to global; Added New Star mount; Small text fixes

  • August 9 2022

    Added anchor links (you can link to a particular section of a page); Updated simulacrum radar charts (except claudia); Navigation fixes; Added back button to applicable pages; Navbar will now indicate the current page; Shiro's skill cooldown fixed (45s, previously 60s)

  • August 8 2022

    Version toggler added to applicable pages--you can now quickly see between CN and global versions without cluttering the page; Converted pngs to webp (images load faster now!); Relic videos added

  • August 5 2022

    Added Exploration page; Renamed Guide 'Home Island' to 'Artificial Island Construction' for accuracy, so URLs have changed, sorry!

  • August 4 2022

    Recommended Matrices now properly display the set numbers and link to appropriate matrix pages. Recommended matrices still need some work to be adjusted for both Global and CN; Global banner info updated; finished proofreading CN matrices text; Nemesis JP VA added; Recommended matrices updated.. Ruby: removed 2tsubasa; Frigg: removed 4samir; Claudia: removed 3pepper; Huma: removed 3offensive-logic; Crow: removed 3pepper 4samir; King: removed 3offensive-logic; Meryl: removed 3offensive-logic; Samir: removed 3pepper; Shiro: removed 3offensive-logic; Tsubasa: removed 3pepper; Hilda: removed 3offensive-logic; Ene: removed 3offensive-logic; Echo: removed 3offensive-logic; BaiLing: removed 2claudia, added 2huma

  • August 3 2022

    Added available Weapon Abilities videos; Added weapon inputs for CN simulacra (text for the abilities coming soon); Fixed navigation footer width displaying improperly

  • August 2 2022

    Removed background blur from navigation list & button for performance; Fixed some CN tags that were not displaying correctly; Updated Frigg's avatar image

  • July 28 2022

    Added new character Lyra

  • July 27 2022

    Added attack inputs for available weapons; Added video previews for available mounts; Guides: updated layout, added Shortest Reroll Path, renamed Housing to Home Island; Proofread CN simulacrum traits

  • July 26 2022

    Fixed endpoints; updated Housing guide and Gear guide; Interactive Map link changed to English version; New Mount: Future Chariot

  • July 11 2022

    Fixed Lin's recommended matrix image, Food: recipes displaying req. number of ingredients; added changelog back

  • July 9 2022

    Polished site layout; Hoverboard relic added; Couant II description added; Voice actors for Simulacra added; Banner Schedule moved to a separate page; Damage Calculator temporarily removed;

  • June 18 2022

    Modal behavior fixed (can now click the image on right/scroll on right side properly); added discord online member count; improved home page layout

  • June 13 2022

    Fixed Meryl's 4000 affinity passive

  • June 12 2022

    Updated Nemesis Matrix wording and text highlighting; added CN limited banner schedule; Updated CN values for matrices (coco, king, shiro, meryl, tsubasa, zero buffed)

  • June 11 2022

    Finished text highlighting for Combat section (default set to Discharge skill's text to hide the wall of text); updated Housing System guide (now all mobs respawn weekly); added meta tags; added CN Top Up guide; changed CN flag icon to a tag

  • June 6 2022

    Added Combat section for simulacra reflecting ToF Global data (text highlighting and formating WIP); Added text highlighting for CN matrices (except nemesis) and updated to buffed values (Baiyuekui and Cobalt); fixed typo in Claudia's matrix

  • June 3 2022

    Added 2 CN mounts, Saki Fuwa's character info, breakthrough mats, and affinity gifts (partial); fixed Ruby's radar chart

  • June 1 2022

    Things you MUST know guide tip #15 updated with extra gifts; updated page background images

  • May 30 2022

    Registration guides added; Added Things You MUST Know guide

  • May 29 2022

    The 17th SSR simulacra, Saki Fuwa, added with CN Test server data; Fixed bugs on navigation; CN simulacra updated with value highlighting on weapon advancements and affinity, and weapon section descriptions updated

  • May 18 2022

    Interactive map now opens in a new tab; Fixed an issue displaying the active link

  • May 17 2022

    Guide Dungeons Overview added; Simulacra Preferred Gift categories added; Refactored sidenav; Refactored how modal data is set

  • May 16 2022

    Added interactive map link (English version coming later)

  • May 14 2022

    Mounts: Improved presentation of maps and videos

  • May 7 2022

    Localized simulacra names on Guides; Localized simulacra passive effects and matrices effects for available global contents

  • May 5 2022

    Hovering over a menu item now shows proper cursor; Added available english radar charts under character info (simulacra); Fixed Ruby's preffered gifts; Implemented color palette and refactored blue text; Updated Cytus' DPS loadout guide; fixed padding on guides

  • May 4 2022

    Localized Relic descriptions; Damage calculator: added 4samir chip set and fixed warning message displaying when no sets selected; left-aligned menu items; added flags to current CN exclusives; corrected Echo's base Shatter value; localized wep awakening for SR mimics; updated background images on pages

  • May 3 2022

    Fixed matrix sets not loading for non-simulacra matrices; localized food names;

  • May 2 2022

    Localized SSR weapons awakening text to match global CBT; Added the 2.0 mounts; Stylized elemental effect to match in-game terms; Localized weapon names; Localized shatter and charge; Added discord banner; Optimized palette for later implementation; Chips removed from Mimics page (redundancy); Streamlined language (simulacra matrices relics) to reflect that of the english client (link extensions updated.. sorry!); updated Mounts and Food layouts

  • April 30 2022

    Added affinity gifts; localized some mimic names

  • April 29 2022

    Item rarity background colors updated to match 2.0 version; Breakthrough mats reorganized; Some localizations updated to match Global

  • April 28 2022

    Home page updated;

  • April 26 2022

    Mimics: Ruby added

  • April 24 2022

    Mounts: horse heart guide updated to english

  • April 18 2022

    Housing guide added; Stitch's chip guide intro edited

  • April 17 2022

    Mimics: recommended chips added; Damage Calc: enemy elemental weakness up to 75%; added page hints and updated newcomer's sitemap; updated gadget/relic names

  • April 14 2022

    Damage calculator finished

  • April 13 2022

    Damage calculator styled

  • April 12 2022

    Updated Stitch's DPS guide; Damage calculator in the works

  • April 11 2022

    Mounts page design finished; Black Crystal Sources guide added; page headers added

  • April 10 2022

    Food page refactored and redesigned; Added sitemap; Cleaned link extensions; Fixed some purple chips not displaying information

  • April 7 2022

    Modal headers & some sections added; Added Stitch's chip guide; Fixed bulleting in Stitch's weapon guide

  • April 6 2022

    Sidebar navigation implemented; Mounts added back as a page; Character details added

  • April 5 2022

    Chips page added; Mounts page moved into guides

  • April 4 2022

    Mimic page content formatted; Gadget page content formatted

  • April 3 2022

    Design updated; Mimic page streamlined

  • March 31 2022

    Food page format cleaned; gear enhancement guide added

  • March 30 2022

    Food page contents added; Cytus's DPS loadouts guide updated

  • March 28 2022

    Categorized guides, weapon shield break/energy recharge tiers implemented, new SSR gadget 'Counter 2' added

  • March 26 2022

    Guide page implemented; Site goes live as

  • March 25 2022

    Home page implemented

  • March 23 2022

    Gadgets, mounts, food pages implemented; temporary navigation added

  • February 4 2022

    Initial design implemented for mimics page

  • January 31 2022

    Project is conceived

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