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By Pyrosu#6969, Zakum#3080, 👑킹젖가슴드래곤👑#5969

Last updated Feb 21, 2023

LATEST VERSIONS Weibo + Daily Reward Code or PWG

Tower of Fantasy in China has a few different versions.

The client you choose to register for will determine what information you need to provide, which servers you will play on, and what devices you can play on.

You cannot directly play with players from other servers. You may come across them indirectly through random matchmaking, though its possible not all servers are connected.

The Perfect World Games client is the official version, with three other redistributions by Bilibili, Huawei, and QooApp.

Android versions can be played on PC with a 64-bit emulator, such as LD Player and MuMu Player.

Below you can view the various registration methods for each client, with their requirements and supported devices.

Note: We don’t provide guides for registering through QQ, WeChat, or Weibo as they specifically require a Chinese phone number. These services act as login authentication layers, just like how you can sign up for things using your Google and Facebook accounts.

You may consider using textPlus to generate a phone number if you do not wish to use your own.

Any and all downloads shall be performed at your own risk. While we haven’t heard of any problems so far, the site authors do not take responsibility for any malicious programs installed on your device.

Perfect World Games

PC, Android, iOS

Requires a Chinese ID number with matching name, and a phone number (any country).

Recommended Server: 星岛 HT-05 (EN/ES community) or 班吉斯 HT-03 (RU community)

Laohu Registration (Faster)

Text Guide

PWG Douliu Registration (Slower)

Text Guide
Video Guide

Douliu users should connect their accounts to an email and password for security (as mentioned in the guides). If you used a publicly available phone number, your account could be stolen.

After connecting an email and password, your Douliu account will be bound to a Laohu account. If you ever forget or lose your phone number, you can login with the Laohu email and password. Laohu also lets you see your purchases.


Requires a government issued passport and phone number (any country).

Recommended Server: 悯雨岛 HT-06 or 悯雨岛 HT-02

Step 1

Visit Bilibili’s website and follow this video from 00:12–1:46.

Step 2

Email bilibili customer support [email protected] to verify your foreign ID/Passport and Realname using the template below.

Subject: Bili_game ID验证提交

  1. 证件类型: (Government Issued ID card 身份证 / Passport或护照)
  2. 真实姓名: (Your name)
  3. 证件号码: (Your Government issued ID card or Passport ID number)
  4. 国家: (Your Country)
  5. 联系方式: (Your contact information e.g Phone and email)
  6. B站UID: (found here PC Mobile)
  7. Bili_LoginID: (found here PC)
  8. 证件正面照片 (attach photo of front and back of ID)
  9. 申请人本人手持证件照片 (attach photo of yourself holding the ID)

There should be 3 photos in total: your id/passport front, back, and photo of yourself holding your id/passport.

Step 3

When you receive a verification approved email, you can download the bilibili client here.


Requires a phone number (any country).

Recommended Server: 红石柱 HT-05

This guide works for any Android 9+ users, and on PC using an emulator. For emulator users: Only LD player 64-bit & newest version of MuMu work.

Step 1

Download and install the Huawei Gallery App

Step 2

In the app, click the “Me” icon on the home page to register.
Don’t swap regions before the registration process!
Enter an email address, password and phone number.

Step 3

Once successfully logged in, continue on the “Me” page and press the “settings page”.
Press the “Country/Region” option and change your country to China. This will restart the app in Chinese.

Step 4

Search for 幻塔 on the home page and proceed with downloading and installing the Huawei version of the game.
Launch the game and login with your Huawei ID (the account you created in Step 2).

QooApp (9game)

We have not documented the registration process for 9game. It may require a Chinese ID, and there is unlikely to be any global community to play with there.

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