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Last updated Jul 6, 2022

There are two categories of Caches (banners): Weapon and Matrix.

Weapon Caches

Weapons can be obtained with Gold Nuclei, Black Nuclei, and Red Nuclei (Limited Cache).

Gold and Black Nuclei can be obtained from exploration, and various events or shops.

Red Nuclei can occasionally be acquired from events and exploration milestones.

Weapons come with their associated Simulacrum.

Matrix Caches

Matrices can be obtained with Proof of Puchase, and Special Vouchers (Limited Cache).

Proof of Purchase can be obtained from dungeons and various events or shops.

Special Vouchers can occasionally be acquired from events and exploration milestones.

Gacha Rates

Cache SSR Chance SR Chance Pity Pull Reward Exchange Cost
Gold Nucleus 0.75% 1% 80 1 coin* 120
Black Nucleus 0.3% 3% None None
Matrix 1.7% 7.5% 40 1 chip 80

Major Points

  1. Pulling in batches of 10 guarantees that you will get an SR or SSR.
  2. There is no soft pity in Tower of Fantasy.
  3. Obtaining an SSR does not reset your pity counter.

Pulling on any cache (exlcuding Black Nucleus) will provide 1 currency towards exchanging for a weapon/matrix of your choice.

After you have enough copies of a weapon to max it out, subsequent copies will be converted into coins. An SSR weapon will convert into 10 coins, and an SR weapon will convert into 1 coin. This system does not exist for Matrices.

Weapons can be purchased at 120 coins, and Matrices can be purchased at 80 chips.

Limited Caches

Limited Caches follow the same rates as the Gold Nucleus Cache and Matrix Cache. However, each time you get an SSR, there is a 50% chance that it will be the event character.

They have separate pity counters from the standard Caches.

Major Points

  1. Pity does not reset between caches, so if you stopped at 79/80, it will resume from 79/80 on the next Limited Cache.
  2. After the Cache period ends, any Limited Cache currency (weapon and matrix) will be converted into standard Cache currency.
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