Movement Tech

By Zakum#3080

Last updated Sep 2, 2022

Joint Operation Moon Launch

This tech was patched but remains for entertainment value.

Weapon Dashing (Claudia/Crow Movement Tech)

A very powerful movement tech that can launch you great distances anywhere that jetpack glide can be used. This tech is nearly impossible to perform consistently without a macro.

Jump, attack twice (with Claudia’s sword) or once (with Crow’s daggers), then tap jetpack twice as fast as you can. These specific aerial attacks slightly move your character forward, and the forward momentum can be maintained with a fast jetpack cancel. The jetpack must be cancelled immediately or else the gliding animation will end the forward momentum from the aerial attack.

Claudia’s sword will launch you VERY far when tuned perfectly, while Crow’s dash will give you a slight but useful boost forward. The Crow dash can also be performed with the default daggers obtained early in the main story quest.

Plunge Drill (Crow Attack Tech)

The following tech was nerfed and remains only for reference purposes.

A method of performing high damage using Thunderblades. Jump, jetpack, then attack (when there is a valid target). The aerial downward/plunge attack with the Thunderblades can hit multiple times and deal massive damage. Repeating this combo quickly on maps where the jetpack can be used can make Thunderblades one of the highest DPS weapons in the game.

Note that this tech is dependent on latency, FPS, and most importantly, target size. For smaller mobs I personally do one jump and quickly perform the combo to hit 2 times each plunge. For large mobs, you should experiment with double jumping, and also jumping away from the enemy to increase number of hits. However, when using Crow’s simulacra you should go for high jumps to maximize hits (read below).

In late August 2022 (Global), this attack was nerfed to consume endurance. Nevertheless, it can still be used for a long while as you level up and increase your endurance. It can actually still be performed with zero stamina to a lesser degree (the attack will end early but you can still start the plunge and get in a hit or two).

Crow Simulacra Bug

This tech is currently bugged and using Crow’s simulacrum appearance (not his traits) increases number of hits considerably. Using his appearance also slightly modifies how he performs when out of endurance, though overall it is a damage increase until this is fixed.

In the settings, disable Hit Frame. Hit Frame adds a delay when attacking mobs; when it is disabled, you will attack quicker and more smoothly with Thunderblades.

Shield Surfing (Huma Movement Tech)

This bug is mostly used for fun and doesn’t offer much practical use. While using Molten Shield V2, perform a jump hold attack and open the map before hitting the ground. Difficult to do consistently, when successfully executed you will be able to infinitely ride the shield’s downward aerial attack animation until colliding with something or hitting water.

Frigg Moonwalk

This tech was patched but allowed you to infinitely dash by using Fimbulwinter on a ledge.

Samir Dash

A method of dashing further than normal while consuming dodges. While equipped with Dual EM Stars, perform a dodge attack then jump right before the kick sweeps you up. The kick animation moves you forward further than a normal dash and can be cancelled with a short jump.

Infinite Climb

Extremely useful movement tech. While climbing, let go of the wall, double jump to gain height, then grab back on. On PC, the default inputs are CTRL + SPACE + SPACE + W. Quickly perform this combo repeatedly to climb very quickly, while consuming nearly zero endurance. May not work well or may require different timing on angled surfaces.

Jetpack Dash

The most basic movement tech. While gliding with the jetpack, use your dashes to travel further. Glide, dash, then glide again before starting to fall.

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