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Last updated Aug 20, 2022

There are 3 forms of Player versus Player combat in Tower of Fantasy—Sparring, Apex League, and Break Fate.


The sparring system of the game; you can click on someone in the overworld to request a sparring match. In a spar, all your gear which includes armor, matrices, advancements, and levels matter. It is NOT balanced and healing is not reduced.

The match will end when one player is defeated, the time limit expires, or if players wander too far from the sparring zone.

Apex League

The competitive mode of PvP where you fight in an Arena setting that gets smaller as the match goes on. Each player has 2 lives, the match ends when one player runs out of lives or when the match timer ends. Weapons and Relics are boosted to their max level including advancements. Weapon Resonance, Matrices, and Simulacrum Traits do not take effect in Apex League, and all healing is reduced by 50%.

For an extensive guide on Apex League meta, check out Apex League.

At the end of the season (usually 1 month), you are rewarded dark crystals, a title, and optionally cosmetics and a mount based on your rank.

Rank Rewards
Grand Marshal
Battle Lord
Star General
  • Commander Title
  • 350 Dark Crystals
  • Sergeant Title
  • 300 Dark Crystals
  • Elite Title
  • 200 Dark Crystals
  • Private Title
  • 100 Dark Crystals

After the season ends, your rank will be slightly reduced.

Break Fate

The battle royale game mode which can be played solo or in trios. Similar to Naraka: Bladepoint, you can select an area to spawn at instead of dropping to it. Everyone must collect all their match gear from the beginning, thus it is the most balanced game mode.

At the end of the season (usually 1 month), you are rewarded dark crystals and a title based on your rank.

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