Shortest Reroll Path

By Zakum#3080

Last updated Aug 30, 2022

Rerolling consists of starting over on new accounts until you obtain the weapon that you want.

Although you get many Gold Nuclei while playing the game, it is never guaranteed that you will get the weapon that you want. You can buy copies of weapons with black market tokens, but only if you have one copy of that weapon to begin with.

All Gold Nuclei on the map below are available day 1, without doing the story quest beyond getting the fire bow. However, you need to level up to claim the pre-registration rewards, and the story is the fastest way to level up.

Note that if you claim the pre-registration rewards (after getting the free gold nucleus), you can reroll very quickly, in about 15-30 minutes. These rewards are available for 180 days from the release date (August 10, 2022).

Reroll Route Map

This path is optimized for low levels. Astra (starting region) has a few more gold nuclei available on day 1, however the elite monsters guarding them are extremely powerful if you do not level up.

Optional Advanced Map

Advanced Reroll Map

The story takes a (relatively) long amount of time. I will update the guide if I find a faster way to obtain the remaining gold nuclei. In my experience it takes over 1.5 hours to reroll while completing the day 1 story quest, whereas that time could be cut in half if you could skip it.

The time gate on exploration points are based on account age, therefore if you created an account on a day 1 and waited until day 3+ to reroll, you could do it much faster.

The methods in this guide do not consume dark crystals.

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