By Zakum#3080

Last updated Jul 6, 2022

The simulacrum system allows you to change your appearance to mimic the characters found throughout the game.

When you unlock a weapon for the first time, you will gain access to their simulacrum. For SSR weapons (minus Marc) you will unlock an additional skin upon reaching 3★ on that weapon.


You can gift your simulacra gifts to Awaken them and gain access to their Traits (passive abilities), Avatar, and text conversations. The Simulacra page has each character’s preferred gifts.

Traits can be used independently of the simulacrum appearance. For example, you can use Samir’s Traits without using her skin, or while using KING’s skin.

Other Effects

Using a simulacrum skin will add a brief cutscene whenever you use a Discharge skill with that character’s weapon.

In the past, it also enhanced the graphics of the attack animations of their weapon. In 2.0, it was changed so that the enhanced graphics will be used even without their skin equipped.

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