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Last updated Jul 8, 2022

Vitality is consumed when claiming rewards for certain dungeons. You can store up to 180 VIT, and it recovers at a rate of 1 VIT/8 minutes (24 hours to recover from 0 to 180).

In China, Max VIT is 360 and it recovers at the same rate (48 hours from 0 to 360).

Vitality Dungeons

All dungeons consume 30 VIT per run, while Joint Operation consumes 30 VIT per chest (3 chests + free bonus chest).

All Vitality dungeons will give you Blue/Purple/Gold Energy Dust that you can use to purchase useful things.

Content Rewards Description
Joint Operation Armor, Matrices 1-4 player dungeon that consists of mobs and two bosses. Clear each section to unlock a chest.
Dimensional Trials Wep Materials, Wep EXP, Matrix EXP 1-4 player dungeon similar to, but weaker than, Joint Operation instances.
Interstellar Exploration Wep Materials 1-4 player instance where you fight 3 waves of monsters. Entry gates are found in the overworld. Very low chance of spawning a boss that rewards a Gold Nucleus at the end.
Omnium Beacon Wep Materials Place on the ground and after X amount of time rewards will arrive in your mail. There is a chance of getting a card which you can use to locate another player’s beacon and earn some more rewards.
Spacetime Domain Gold Solo instance of a random Ruin every day.

Joint Operation Schedule

Joint Operation Schedule

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