Mini Pelican

SSR Relic

When diving, you can use the Mini Pelican to speed up. Drains endurance continuously when moving, but slowly recovers endurance when you stop moving. Cooldown: 90 seconds. Mini Pelican can store 2 charges. Diving light will be automatically turned on when you use the Mini Pelican, illuminating the surrounding area.


Stars Effect
1 ★

Reduce cooldown to 60 seconds.

2 ★

Recover to full endurance when using the Mini Pelican, not effective when exhausted.

3 ★

Mini Pelican can store up to 3 charges.

4 ★

Increase volt damage by 2%, even if not deployed. Unavailable in Apex League.

5 ★

Reduces cooldown to 30 seconds and unlocks Mini Pelican's new paint: Pigmentation.


The Mini Pelican used in this video is 1★
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