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Moonstar Bracelet

Moonstar Bracelet

attack atk
resistance resist
health hp
Type support
Element altered
Shatter 11.50
Charge 11.50

Weapon Effects


When the weapon is fully charged, the next attack will mark the target, causing an explosion after 5 seconds. Additionally inflict 25% of all damage received by the target while the mark exists, up to a total of 560.00% of your ATK. Only 1 mark can be added on a target at a time.

Altered Resonance

Increase ATK by 20% and altered resistance by 30%. Activate by equipping 2 or more altered weapons. This set effect works in the off-hand slot. Cannot stack with other Altered Resonance or Altered Reaction effects, with Altered Resonance taking precedence.


Stars Effect
1 ★

Using any weapon or discharge skill grants 1 elemental crystal, up to 5 crystals. Elemental crystals are lost at a rate of 1 crystal every 6 seconds. Elemental crystals provide a final damage boost equal to 4% of [(crystal count plus 1)/2] and an increased healing effect equal to 6% of [(crystal count plus 1)/2].

2 ★

Increase the current weapon's base ATK growth by 16%.

3 ★

While Benediction Resonance is not active, when the target's HP is below (crystal count plus 2)%, using Moonstar Bracelet can instantly execute the target (doesn't work against Wanderers). While Benediction Resonance is active, when the target's HP is below (crystal count times 2 plus 2)%, using Moonstar Bracelet can instantly execute the target (doesn't work against Wanderers).

4 ★

Increase the current weapon's base ATK growth by 32%.

5 ★

Obtain 1 elemental crystal every time Scatter Technique is used. Elemental crystals are lost at a rate of 1 crystal every 20 seconds. When receiving fatal damage, consume 3 elemental crystals to prevent death 1 time and gain damage immunity for a short time. Can be activated 1 time every 25 seconds.

6 ★

Increase final damage by 7% of [(crystal count plus 3)/2].


Frost Lash
Attack x7

While on the ground, use Lunar Stars to launch 7 consecutive attacks.

  1. 69.9% of ATK + 4.

  2. 73.4% of ATK + 4.

  3. 115.4% of ATK + 6.

  4. 174.2% of ATK + 9.

  5. 195.7% of ATK + 10.

  6. 131.1% of ATK + 7.

  7. 505.9% of ATK + 27.

Dancing Drop
Jump Attack x7

While airborne, use normal attack to attack 7 times in a row in mid-air and consume endurance.

  1. 93.8% of ATK + 5.

  2. 98.4% of ATK + 5.

  3. 141.8% of ATK + 7.

  4. 202.2% of ATK + 11.

  5. 196.9% of ATK + 10.

  6. 146.5% of ATK + 8.

  7. 548.5% of ATK + 29.

Converging Ripples
Attack Attack Attack

While on the ground, tap and hold normal attack between the second and sixth normal attack to trigger Converging Ripples. The Wanderer will become airborne and fire several water bombs ahead while continuously consuming endurance, each hit dealing damage equal to 88.5% of ATK plus 5 to nearby targets (counts as a charged attack), knocking the targets back.

Jump Attack Attack

Tap and hold normal attack while airborne (tap when a target is available), or use normal attack while climbing, jumping backward, or using the Jetpack to trigger Moonrain.

Fall from above, dealing damage equal to 175% of ATK plus 9 to targets upon reaching the ground, and suspend them.

Torrential Convergence
Jump Attack Attack Attack

While in mid-air, tap and hold normal attack between the second and sixth normal attack to trigger Torrential Convergence.

Fire several water bombs ahead while continuously consuming endurance, each hit dealing damage equal to 88.5% of ATK plus 5 to nearby targets (counts as a charged attack), knocking the targets back.


While Benediction Resonance is active:

Tap and hold normal attack while on the ground to select a teammate, then release to link the Wanderer to that teammate. When their link is in effect, the pair cannot make a link or be linked again. The link ends when one of the two is defeated/the selected ally has made another link/it exceeds the range.

The linked ally's healing received from the link starter's Moonstar Bracelet is increased by 50%. When the linked ally activates Fortitude Resonance, an extra 50% of resistance is transmitted to the linked ally.

When the linked ally activates Balance Resonance/Attack Resonance, an extra 20% of ATK is transmitted to the linked ally (no more than 20,000).

When the linked ally activates Benediction Resonance, the outgoing healing effect of the pair is additionally increased by 30%.


Dodge right before getting hit to trigger Phantasia, reducing the speed of targets within the area. Become immune to hitstun while dodging.

Passive: Recover HP equal to 150% of ATK for self and nearby allies when dodging, and remove 8 points of Graying Bite.

While Benediction Resonance is active, gain an additional 50 weapon charge.

Reversal Wave
Arrow keys Dodge Attack

Roam ahead several times, dealing damage up to 144% of ATK + 8 to targets in the area.

Dashing Wave
Dodge Attack

Unleash a water jet, dealing damage up to 81% of ATK + 4 to targets in the area and suspending them.

Crashing Falls

Tidal Eruption: Deal damage equal to 416% of ATK plus 22 and strongly suspend targets in the area. Cooldown: 30 seconds.

Passive: Scatter

Gain Scatter Technique after equipping Moonstar Bracelet. Up to 2 out of 6 Scatter Techniques can be activated via Skills - Settings.

Controls: Tap the special skill button to use the Scatter Technique.

When a Scatter Technique is attached to Crashing Falls, using Crashing Falls will automatically trigger the Scatter Technique, and the skill cooldown will be replaced by the Scatter Technique cooldown.

Hydro Focus

Surging Tides: Deal damage up to 320% of ATK + 17 to nearby targets, increasing all elemental damage by 6% for 20 seconds.

Cooldown: 14 seconds.


Summon multiple watersprouts, pulling nearby targets together and dealing damage up to 415.4% of ATK + 2. A large watersprout is formed shortly after, dealin damage equal to 184.6% of ATK + 10 to nearby targets.

Damage dealt by Vortex counts as skill and discharge damage.

Cooldown: 12 seconds.

Torrential Force

Bath in Torrents: Gain 60 weapon charge every second. Increase skill damage by 12% for 35 seconds.

Using Torrential Force counts as using the current weapon's discharge skill (without the effect).

Shimmering Radiance hits reset Torrential Force'scooldown.

Cooldown: 30 seconds.


Encompassing Waves: Gain a final damage boost that increases over time, up to 26% (maxes out in 10 seconds). This effect does not stack with repeated uses of Maelstrom and is lost upon switching weapons.

Cooldown: 30 seconds.

Aqua Shackles

Execute Aqua Prison on the target for 3 seconds. The target is unable to move or use skills for the duration of Aqua Prison, and their resistance is reduced by 8% for 15 seconds (doesn't work against Wanderers).

The resistance-reducing effect of Aqua Shackles is doubled while diving.

Cooldown: 15 seconds.


Arcane Vitality: Gain a (Max HP/100,000)% all elemental damage boost, up to 9%. Gain another 7% increase to all elemental damage for 20 seconds when your Max HP is over 1,600,000.

Cooldown: 15 seconds.

Shimmering Radiance

When weapon charge is full or Phantasia is triggered, switching to this weapon from another removes all debuffs from the wielder and unleashes Moonstar's Breath, dealing damage up to 736% of ATK plus 39 to nearby targets. During this period, gain damage immunity for 1.5 seconds (unavailable in Apex League). Recover HP equal to 300% of ATK and remove 16 points of Graying Bite. Remove delay and gain delay immunity for 5 seconds.

Passive: Moonstar

While Attack/Balance Resonance is active, when Shimmering Radiance lands a hit, increase ATK by 15% for 30 seconds. While Fortitude Resonance is active, every time Shimmering Radiance is used, increase resistance by 4% for 30 seconds, stacking up to 5 times. When HP is lower than 30%, gain an extra 40% damage reduction for 5 seconds, which can be triggered once every 60 seconds.

While Benediction Resonance is active, Shimmering Radiance's HP recovery heals all teammates instead and when it is used, creates 1 stack of Moonshield that negates damage 1 time for 10 seconds. This effect does not stack, and every use of Shimmering Radiance increases the healing effect of the next use by 20%, up to 40%. This effect lasts for 30 seconds.

Upgrade Materials Lv. 0 to 200

0 200
0 200
Details Augments enhancement cap from Lv. 0 to Lv. 200 and raises weapon skills to Lv. 20
red augment material 28
green augment material 28
black augment material 26
blue augment material 26
red augment material 50
green augment material 50
black augment material 50
blue augment material 50
red augment material 21
green augment material 21
black augment material 21
blue augment material 21
Gold 114000
Req. Wanderer Level 100
Details Enhances weapon from Lv. 0 to Lv. 200
Gold 113800
EXP 113800
Moonstar Bracelet


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Combat Analysis

Recommended Matrices

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Increase final damage by 18%.

Scatter Technique Enhancement:

Hydro Focus Enhancement: Increase all elemental damage by 12%.

Vortex Enhancement: If Moonstar Bracelet is in the main slot, damage caused by Vortex is increased by 30%.

Torrential Force Enhancement: Increase discharge damage by 12%. Maelstrom Enhancement: When dealing physical damage while Maelstrom is in effect, gain an additional final damage boost, up to 33% (maxes out in 10 seconds). Aqua Shackles Enhancement: Aqua Prison duration is extended to 5 seconds while Benediction Resonance is active, and Aqua Prison's base resistance reduction is increased to 10%.

Wellspring Enhancement: Resistance is increased by (Max HP/100,000)% while Fortitude Resonance is active, for a maximum of 10%.

Favorite Gifts

  1. Saved
  2. Decorations
  3. Vera
  1. [object Object] 80
  2. [object Object] 80
  3. [object Object] 30
  4. [object Object] 30
  5. [object Object] 20
Vera characters will receive reduced Awakening Points from Non-Vera gifts.

Other Info


A preview of Fiona's available reskins up until the 2.5 patch.


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