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Meng Zhang

Meng Zhang

attack atk
resistance resist
health hp
Type defense
Element volt
Shatter 12.50
Charge 15.00

Weapon Effects


When the weapon is fully charged, the next attack will paralyze targets for 1 second and electrify them for 6 seconds, negating all buffs and dealing damage equal to 144.00% of ATK. Targets can't receive any buffs for the next 6 seconds.

Volt resonance

Increase Volt ATK by 15% and Volt Resistance by 25%. Activate by equipping 2 or more Volt weapons. This set effect works in the off-hand slot. Cannot stack with effects of the same type.

Thunder: Stopping Current

When Meng Zhang hits any attack, it will deal damage equal to 1,875% of volt ATK + 31% * own maximum HP + 1,125% * the sum of all elemental resistances + 3, 750% * crit rate to nearby targets , can be triggered at most once every 1.5 seconds, and volt damage is regarded as normal attack damage. If a non-volt weapon is equipped, volt damage will be increased to 2.5 times. Additionally, volt damage is not affected by damage-increasing effects other than the rare attributes of Titan equipment, nor will it trigger additional attack effects.


Stars Effect
1 ★

[Thunderblast] summons 2 azure dragons at once, each of which restores 20% of the summoner's HP.

Damage from [Thunderblast] and azure dragons is increased by 50%.

The character receives 3 stacks of Azure Dragon Power when using [Terrifying Moon] and 1 stack of Azure Dragon Power when using any other skill of a volt weapon.

2 ★

Increase the current weapon's base ATK growth by 16%.

3 ★

Azure Dragon: The cooldown of every volt weapon skill is reduced by 33%, and it is no longer affected by other cleaning, reset, and changing the cooldown time (with the exception of Fenrir's skill).

Increases the damage from the skills of every volt weapon by 30%.

4 ★

Increase the current weapon's base ATK growth by 32%.

5 ★

When taking lethal damage, the character resists it and will be immune to further damage for a short period of time. Cooldown: 60 seconds.

When the Spirit Power Resonance is active, Mimi's discharge skill will attract all non-boss enemies (ignoring the Hyperbody effect).

When the Spirit Power Resonance is active and the character is in a team, every 6 seconds of using [Thunderblast] creates a Lightning Time Chapter that weaves into a grid that can block movement and damage from enemy bullets. Each Chapter of Lightning Time exists for 20 seconds.

6 ★

Increases electrical damage by 15% and base damage by 25% after applying [Terrifying Moon]. The effect lasts 30 seconds and cannot be folded.


Jump pearls and shake jade
Attack x5

While on the ground, use a normal attack to carry out 5 consecutive attacks.

  1. 184% of ATK + 184.

  2. 278% of ATK + 278.

  3. 808% of ATK + 808.

  4. 670% of ATK + 670.

  5. 334% of ATK + 334.

Climb and walk
Jump Attack x5

While in the air, use a normal attack to carry out 5 consecutive attacks, expending stamina.

  1. 187% of ATK.

  2. 304% of ATK.

  3. 835% of ATK.

  4. 575% of ATK.

  5. 373% of ATK.


Tap and hold a normal attack to unleash lightning continuously, dealing damage equal to 108% of ATK with each strike.

During the use of [Thunderblast], every 1.5 seconds, an azure dragon is summoned, which will release shockwaves at the target, dealing damage equal to 200% of ATK.

Each hit of the [Thunderblast] and the azure dragon reduces the target's volt resistance by 3% for 10 seconds, up to a maximum reduction of 15%. When the Spirit Power Resonance is activated, each hit of [Thunderblast] reduces all resistances of the target.During the use of [Thunderblast], the character receives the Hyperbody effect, and every 1.5 seconds the character receives a shield equal to 10% of max HP for 15 seconds. The strength of the shield cannot be more than 30% of max HP. With active Spirit Power Resonance, all allies also receive a shield of 10% of the character's max HP.Hitting [Thunderblast] during the existence of an azure dragon is capable of provoking a target.

Attack x1 - 4 Attack

While on the ground, press and hold a normal attack after the first to fourth completed base attack to deal damage equal to 666% of ATK, using stamina.

Flying Dragon
Jump Attack x1 - 4 Attack

While in the air, press and hold a normal attack after the first to fourth completed base attack to deal damage equal to 666% of ATK, using stamina.

The Power of the Azure Dragon


When using Mimi's weapon, every 3 completed basic attacks gives the character 1 stack of "Azure Dragon Powers" for 30 seconds. Up to 8 stacks are added. When the Spirit Power Resonance is activated, the decrease in the character's incoming damage increases by (Number of Spirit Power Resonance stacks * 1.5)%.


Dodge right before getting hit to trigger a Phantasia, cooldown 15 seconds, reducing the speed of enemies within an area. Become immune to hitstun for 0.5 seconds while dodging.

Passive: Releases Thunder Hydrangea.

Like lightning
Arrow keys Dodge Attack

The character instantly moves to the place of the Thunder Hydrangea, dealing damage equal to 215% of ATK to the nearest targets, and creating a thunder puddle that deals up to 302% of ATK damage and attracts nearby enemies. The character then returns to its original position before moving.

Passive: during the movement, the character receives the Hyperbody effect, and at the end of the movement, the character receives 1 stack of Power of the azure dragon.

Terrifying Moon

The Azure Dragon flies into the sky, dealing damage equal to 3591% of ATK to nearby targets, and summoning the Azure Dragon on the battlefield.

The Azure Dragon existing on the battlefield will spend its energy to release up to 8 lightnings, each of them dealing damage equal to 1313% of ATK. When the Azure Dragon leaves the battlefield, it additionally deals damage to nearby targets equal to 3000% of ATK.

The skill has 2 charges. One charge of the skill is restored for 30 seconds.

Passive: Equip 3 volt weapons to summon a level 2 Azure Dragon: hitting [Terrifying Moon] imposes a 30-second effect on targets, dealing damage equal to 2% of ATK every 600 seconds.

After the use of [Terrifying Moon], the duration azure dragons is updated.

During the use of [Terrifying Moon], the Wanderer receives the Hyperbody effect.

Dragon flying in the sky

When weapon charge is full or Phantasia is triggered, remove all debuffs from the wielder upon switching to this weapon and deal damage equal to 3060% of ATK to nearby targets.While the skill is active, it gives immunity to damage for 2.6 seconds. (not available in Apex League).

Passive: Using Mimi’s discharge deals heavy damage to an area that cannot be increased or reduced by buffs or debuffs of final damage, except for the unique characteristics of Titanium equipment. It works no more than 1 time after triggering Phantasia.

Upgrade Materials Lv. 0 to 200

0 200
0 200
Details Augments enhancement cap from Lv. 0 to Lv. 200 and raises weapon skills to Lv. 20
volt augment material 39
green augment material 35
blue augment material 32
volt augment material 65
green augment material 65
blue augment material 65
volt augment material 26
green augment material 26
blue augment material 26
Gold 76000
Req. Wanderer Level 100
Details Enhances weapon from Lv. 0 to Lv. 200
Gold 113800
EXP 113800
Meng Zhang


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Final damage is increases by 18%.

Equip 3 pieces of electricity weapons to increase electricity damage by 6% and extend the received crit increase chance by 25 seconds.

After the character receives such a crit effect. Final damage increases by 18% for 30 seconds.

Favorite Gifts

  1. Toys
  2. Figurines
  3. Domain 9
    Domain 9 characters will receive reduced Awakening Points from Non-Domain 9 gifts.

    Other Info


    135 cm
    Tenzhang Pavilion
    7 Jul
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    Voice Actors

    Mu Xue Ting (穆雪婷)


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