SSR Simulacrum


Negating Cube

Negating Cube

attack atk
resistance resist
health hp
Type support
Element flame
Shatter 5.00
Charge 13.00

Weapon Effects


Fully charged weapons will set the target on fire for 8 seconds with the next attack, causing ongoing damage of 58.00% of ATK every second. Ignited targets receive 50% efficacy from healing.

Flame Reaction

Increase flame ATK by 15% and flame resistance by 40%. Activate by equipping 2 or more flame weapons. This set effect also works with weapons in the off-hand slot. Cannot stack with other Flame Resonance or Flame Reaction effects, with Flame Resonance taking precedence.

Flame Benediction

Increase the entire team's flame ATK by 5% when Benediction Resonance is activated.


Stars Effect
1 ★

Deal damage and produce a healing orb, which lasts for 20 seconds and restore HP of any teammate who picks it up equal to 60% of ATK. 2-second cooldown.

2 ★

Increase the current weapon's base ATK growth by 16%.

3 ★

Reduce skill cooldown from 60 seconds to 30 seconds. Restore HP equal to 30% of ATK every second while the shield is active.

4 ★

Increase the current weapon's base HP growth by 32%.

5 ★

Damaging a target also produces a damage orb, which lasts for 20 seconds and increases all damage and healing of any teammate who picks it up by 2% for 30 seconds. Stack up to 10 times. Skill cooldown is 2.5 seconds.

6 ★

Using a Skill grants allies healing orbs and damage orbs equal to the number of Omnium Cubes.


Normal Attack
Attack x5

While on the ground, manipulate the cube to attack 5 times in a row.

Passive: If normal attacks hit targets 6 times, gain 1 cube. Up to 5 cubes can be stored.

  1. 46.7% of ATK + 2.

  2. 38.2% of ATK + 2.

  3. 118.5% of ATK + 8.

  4. 79.6% of ATK + 4.

  5. 80.9% of ATK + 4 up to 3 times and launch the target.

Omnium Missile
Jump Attack

While airborne, tap normal attack to activate the energy within the cube, firing up to 5 missiles and dealing total damage equal to 59.3% of ATK + 3. Consume up to 250 endurance.

Passive: If the Wanderer has any stored cubes, consume all cubes to fire Omnium Missiles at targets to deal damage.

Energy Overflow
Jump Attack

While airborne or after jumping once, tap normal attack to trigger Energy Overflow. Upon landing, fire a shockwave that travels forward, dealing up to 23.4% of ATK + 1 damage to targets in its path.

Omnium Shock
Attack x3 Attack

On the third normal attack, hold the normal attack button to trigger Omnium Shock. A pillar of energy launches nearby targets into the air, dealing damage equal to 68.4% of ATK + 4. The pillar lasts 5 seconds and deals damage equal to 28.5% of ATK + 2 to nearby targets every second.

Energy Sentinel

Cubes orbiting the Wanderer deal damage equal to 9.7% of ATK + 1 to enemies.

Energy Missile

When the Wanderer casts Omnium Missiles and Energy Overflow, their orbiting cubes are fired as well, dealing damage equal to 48.5% of ATK + 2 to the target.

Soul Surge

Dodge right before getting hit to trigger a Phantasia, which reduces speed of enemies within range and grants hitstun immunity for 0.5 seconds. If the Wanderer has less than 5 cubes, each successful dodge has a 40% chance to restore 1 dodge attempt. Successful dodges do not interrupt normal attack combos. Passive: Gain a cube for every successful aerial dodge.

Omnium Shield

Create shielding for self and nearby allies to block up to 800% x ATK in damage for 10 seconds, and deal 142.9% x ATK + 8 damage to nearby targets and launch them. Each cube in possession when this skill is used adds 160% of ATK to max shielding and exhaust the cube. Cooldown: 60 seconds.

Omnium Wave

When weapon charge is full or Phantasia is triggered, remove all debuffs from the wielder and gain 5 cubes upon switching to this weapon, then unleash the 5 cubes along with a Shockwave. This Shockwave deals damage equal to 171% of ATK + 9 to nearby targets, and launches them into the air. Each cube also deals damage equal to 48.5% of ATK + 3. If allies are in the vicinity, they gain damage immunity for 3 seconds.

Upgrade Materials Lv. 0 to 200

0 200
0 200
Details Augments enhancement cap from Lv. 0 to Lv. 200 and raises weapon skills to Lv. 20
flame augment material 39
green augment material 35
blue augment material 32
flame augment material 65
green augment material 65
blue augment material 65
flame augment material 26
green augment material 26
blue augment material 26
Gold 76000
Req. Wanderer Level 100
Details Enhances weapon from Lv. 0 to Lv. 200
Gold 113800
EXP 113800
Negating Cube


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When Zero uses a weapon skill, reduce cooldown time for Relics in cooldown by 3 seconds. Can only activate for the same weapon 1 time every 5 seconds.

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Other Info


A preview of Zero's available reskins up until the 2.5 patch.


155 cm
6 Jun
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Voice Actors

Griffin Burns
村瀬歩 (Ayumu Murase)
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