Flaming Revolver

SSR rarity

Invented by a mad scientist. With its impressive test numbers, one can only imagine how powerful it might be at full power.

  • Flame
    Element Flame
  • DPS
    Type Damage
  • S
    Shatter 12.50
  • A
    Charge 10.00
  • Attack 656 (Lv. 200, 0★)
  • HP 40000 (Lv. 200, 0★)
  • Crit 468 (Lv. 200, 0★)

Weapon Enhancements (levels)

Affects skill damage and weapon stats
0 200

Weapon Advancements (stars)

Affects weapon stats
0 1 2 3 4 5 6

Part of a set

Added in version 1.5

Weapon Effects


When the weapon is fully charged, the next attack will ignite the target for 8 seconds, dealing damage equal to 58.00% of ATK every second. While ignited, targets' healing effect is reduced by 50%.

Flame Resonance

Increase flame ATK by 15% and flame resistance by 25%. Activate by equipping 2 or more flame weapons. This set effect works in the off-hand slot. Cannot stack with effects of the same type.


Each advancement requires 1x Flaming Revolver duplicate to upgrade.

Stars Effect
1 ★

Each round of Barrage deals additional damage equal to 0% of the target's current HP (cannot exceed 1% of ATK).

2 ★

Increase the current weapon's base ATK growth by 16%.

3 ★

Heavy Bombardment branch skill and Close Quarters dodge attack inflict Ion Scorch on targets that are already burned, dealing flame damage equal to 40% of ATK every second for 10 seconds.

4 ★

Increase the current weapon's base ATK growth by 32%.

5 ★

The damage from Ion Scorch increases to 60% of ATK. Successful attacks with any weapon's dodge skill will refresh the duration of Ion Scorch.

6 ★

Barrage has a 15-second burning effect. Successful attacks with any weapon's dodge skill reduces the cooldown of Barrage by 4 seconds. The cooldown of the effect: 1.5 seconds. The DoT burn from the dodge skill also triggers a cooldown reduction effect.


In-game guidebook entry for Flaming Revolver
Instructions for guns. Learn how to use the skills for this type of weapon.

Weapon Enhancements (levels)

Affects skill damage and weapon stats
0 200
  • Normal Attack Lv. 21


    On the ground, use normal attack to launch 5 attacks in a row. The first attack deals total damage equal to 52.3% of ATK + 330. The second attack deals total damage equal to 75.6% of ATK + 477. The third attack deals total damage equal to 94.5% of ATK + 597. The fourth attack deals total damage equal to 142.8% of ATK + 902 . The fifth attack deals total damage equal to 137.8% of ATK + 870.

    Attack x5
  • Charged Shot Lv. 21


    Tap and hold normal attack to charge an attack and release to fire rounds, dealing 95.4% of ATK plus 603 damage, plus an explosion 3 seconds later (or if the target dies), dealing 23.9% of ATK as damage to nearby enemies. Each time the target is dealt damage during the explosion (up to 4 times), AoE is doubled and damage is increased.

    Hold Attack
  • Jumping Blast Lv. 21


    While airborne or after jumping once, launch Jumping Blast. Toss a bomb that deals damage equal to 90.8% of ATK plus 573 to enemies in a circle ahead, knocking them back a short distance. Consumes 250 endurance.

  • Aerial Discharge Lv. 21


    After double-jumping, launch Aerial Discharge in mid-air. Fire an Omnium beam downward. The beam then sweeps forward, dealing damage equal to 33.8% of ATK plus 213.

    Jump x2Attack
  • Heavy Bombardment Lv. 21


    Hold attack button during a normal attack to unleash Suppressing Fire in front, dealing enemies AoE damage equal to 102% of ATK plus 644 in total.

    AttackHold Attack

Upgrade Materials

0 200
0 200


Increases max weapon level to Lv. 200 and raises weapon skills to Lv. 20.
A final augmentation exists at weapon level 200, raising weapon skills to Lv. 21.

  • Gold 84000
  • Firecore 39
  • Nano Coating I 35
  • Booster Frame I 32
  • Heart of Lava 65
  • Nano Coating II 65
  • Booster Frame II 65
  • Sunsource 32
  • Nano Coating III 32
  • Booster Frame III 32

Req. Wanderer Level 100.


Increases weapon level from Lv. 0 to Lv. 200

  • Gold 113800
  • EXP 113800